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At Laurent Hallut Wealth Management our highly-qualified, experienced, independent advisers will help you

Perhaps you require assistance with a specific pension problem, or want a full review of all your schemes with a view to consolidating. Maybe you are unhappy with how your pension has performed, or you would like more control over investment decisions. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Your adviser will work closely with you to fully understand your current position and establish your needs. Then they will take you through a comprehensive process - backed by thorough research - to make sure you get the best value in terms of services and products. These can range from simple personal pensions and Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), right through to complex and unusual pension investments, such as unlisted shares and loans from pension funds to clients�� businesses.

At Laurent Hallut we advise on all types of pensions through our unrestricted, unbiased and independent approach, including:

♦ Personal Pensions, SIPPs, WRAP, RACs

♦ Company Pensions, GPPs, SSASs and Group Money Purchase

♦ Review and Transfer Advice (including Final Salary schemes)

♦ Retirement Analysis and Forecasting (including pensions in divorce cases)

♦ At-Retirement Planning, Annuities, Capped and Flexible Drawdown

And once we have established the right structure, we will provide you with an ongoing programme of regular reviews designed to ensure you build and develop your wealth.

Wealth Planning

Our well-defined process focuses on helping you to achieve financial security and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Investment Advisory

Our experienced and unbiased advisory team is bringing the knowledge that comes from decades of wealth management expertise.

Asset Management

Our approach to asset management provide investment management and services to institutions and individuals over a variety of asset classes.

Wealth Protection

Risk management and asset protection services built to achieve positive absolute returns in all circumstances.

Tax & Legal Planning

In a world of tax transparency and compliancy, tax and legal planning is playing an increasingly important role in the management of a client��s assets.

Retirement Planning

Providing a sustainable, predictable, tax-efficient stream of income based on your age, values and vision of retirement.

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