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At Laurent Hallut Wealth Management, we know how important tax is in terms of financial planning. That is why we have been helping personal and corporate clients to organise their affairs in a tax-efficient manner.

Whilst HMRC’s stance on anything that is not statutory in nature has hardened, we continue to believe in the importance of tax-efficient investments as part of your overall investment strategy.

Successive governments have created and implemented legislation to support certain types of investment, and we seek to use non-contentious solutions based on these statutory allowances. The tax relief can be up to 50% of the amount invested, or may provide significant risk mitigation.

We have a very strict due diligence process and dedicated resources for all such investments. Several of our key members are particularly skilled in this arena, and oversee the entire group’s activities, meaning we can apply the full breadth and depth of both our knowledge and experience when advising you in these matters.

As with any aspect of financial planning, it is essential to build a detailed picture of your current position, both in terms of asset base and past, present and likely future tax liabilities. We will also make sure we fully understand your attitude towards tax and tax risk, and where appropriate, we will work with your other professional advisers to provide a co-ordinated solution - which may require either a simple overhaul or more complex tax re-structuring.

We believe this approach adds significant value to every client's overall financial position. Moreover, our level of expertise has led to a number of other IFAs referring their clients to us for advice in this specific area.

Laurent Hallut offers full advice to clients on:

♦ Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)

♦ Venture Capital Trusts (VCT)

♦ Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS)

Wealth Planning

Our well-defined process focuses on helping you to achieve financial security and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Investment Advisory

Our experienced and unbiased advisory team is bringing the knowledge that comes from decades of wealth management expertise.

Asset Management

Our approach to asset management provide investment management and services to institutions and individuals over a variety of asset classes.

Wealth Protection

Risk management and asset protection services built to achieve positive absolute returns in all circumstances.

Tax & Legal Planning

In a world of tax transparency and compliancy, tax and legal planning is playing an increasingly important role in the management of a client’s assets.

Retirement Planning

Providing a sustainable, predictable, tax-efficient stream of income based on your age, values and vision of retirement.

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