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We take a personalised approach to assessing your needs, which allows us to provide you with long-term, bespoke solutions. 

First, we get to know you, working with you to assess your personal, family and professional situation. Following this, we identify your needs and tailor the management of your wealth to your tax environment, individual circumstances and country of residence.We also structure your assets to anticipate specific events, such as selling a business or making a gift, while also ensuring your loved ones are protected.

Our wealth planners are dedicated exclusively to the service of our clients. Our team is made up of local experts in any continent - Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East. Wherever you are, their core expertise in specialist jurisdictions means they can support you in local tax and legal issues, as well as cross-border concerns, wherever you are.

At Laurent Hallut, wealth planning services are provided by our in-house experts, as well as external partners, in collaboration with your personal advisors.

Working together with our team of specialists, who offer fresh perspectives and discover new possibilities, your advisor will act as your financial partner, to create your wealth plan that will guide your financial decisions and evolve as life changes. Most importantly, we are here to help you realize your goals and achieve future success, however you define it.

Wealth Planning

Our well-defined process focuses on helping you to achieve financial security and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Investment Advisory

Our experienced and unbiased advisory team is bringing the knowledge that comes from decades of wealth management expertise.

Asset Management

Our approach to asset management provide investment management and services to institutions and individuals over a variety of asset classes.

Wealth Protection

Risk management and asset protection services built to achieve positive absolute returns in all circumstances.

Tax & Legal Planning

In a world of tax transparency and compliancy, tax and legal planning is playing an increasingly important role in the management of a client’s assets.

Retirement Planning

Providing a sustainable, predictable, tax-efficient stream of income based on your age, values and vision of retirement.

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